About 2021 Outline Festival

August 5-12, 2021

Outline Festival is celebrating illustration and the written word for the fifth time. In a week of exhibitions and art events for the general public, illustration, which we usually encounter in books and magazines, comes center stage and offers a wealth of interpretations and stories. 

This year, Outline Festival opens under the theme of “Layers,” which will be manifested in a range of ways: we will meet social strata, layers that take us to the depths of the earth, and ones that present a cross section of buildings and cities. The exhibitions offer diverse visual interpretations in historical, architectural, literary, musical, and biblical contexts, and bring together illustration and art, animation and murals. 

Dozens of participants take part in this celebration of written and visual language: illustrators, animators, poets, and storytellers. The festival features 14 different exhibitions and a range of events at the galleries, museums, display venues, cultural and art institutions and on the city streets.  

Outline Festival is a project of Beita – Visual Art Department, the Culture and Arts Administration at Jerusalem Municipality in collaboration with the municipality’s Youth Division.

2021 Outline Team: 

General Directors:  Ofira Levanon – Beita – The Department of Visual Arts, Municipality of Jerusalem

Artistic Administrator: Noa Kelner

Artistic consulting and content editing: Yaniv Torem

Production: Ori Vaknin

Production Coordinator: Yael Gershon

Social Media: Rotem Pesso and Miriam Sella

Branding: Aaron Friedmann, Shift Studio

Illustrations for Branding: Sergey Isakov

Outline – painting outside the lines, losing control, disrupted line, a broken pencil. This has been the passing year.

A strenuous line between two points: one – collective chaos, the other – solidarity. In all of this, a

wonderful group of creatives insisted to hold Jerusalem Illustration Week with uncompromising

determination and to bring to the front of the stage contents from the worlds of writing, illustration,

music, and design, even if it would have had to be a virtual stage.

Uncharacteristically, this year I chose to describe the past year, because it left a strange aftertaste. I could write that everything is already behind us, and I will congratulate anyone who feels this way, but there are also those of us whose wound has not yet healed, and on which healing layers of new tissue are slowly forming. Forming one layer, removing another layer, covering yet again. Confusing!

A few months ago, I received the artistic program from Ofira and Noa – and what a beautiful and fine list of selected creatives and curators in the field of illustration. It is good to see that the street has spoken. Outline, Jerusalem Illustration Week starte, from an initial initiative of a group of Jerusalem-based illustrators, and as such developed and emerged, while identifying and expanding the community of creatives and lovers of illustration in the city, and attracting top illustrators and writers.

The days of the festival showcase and celebrate the ongoing work of the artists in the field. Over the years, Outline has become a leading illustration event in Israel, reverberating from the creatives to you, the public, and back again to the creatives. And so, this year – when a tree falls in the forest, you will be here with us to hear the rustle of its leaves.

Fingers (washed) and crossed we will meet in the exhibitions and at the events!

Hila Smolyanski

Head of the Department of Visual Arts

The Municipality of Jerusalem’s Arts and Culture Division

Mayor’s Greeting

To all festival visitors and artists,

“Art is the world as it is translated by man,” stated the novelist and poet Hananiah Reichman.

Indeed, the power of art to reflect what is happening around us and to impact our life and culture has always been profound and significant. 

Jerusalem is a city that promotes art, breathes art, encourages it in all its shades and avenues. A city that devotes great resources to the cultivation of artistic and cultural creation and its makers.

For years, Jerusalem has been home to a long line of festivals and events that draw tens of thousands of culture and art lovers from all over Israel each year.

Outline Festival is one of these events that showcases the diversity of artistic creation in our city. The unique platform it offers illustrators, which allows them to display their works – usually found in the pages of books and magazines – garners great curiosity and interest, and rightly so.

The dozens of illustrators, animators, poets, and storytellers who take part in the festival this year are in fact a part of a historical, architectural, literary, musical, and even heritage journey – connecting the old with the new, the traditional with the contemporary. 

I would like to congratulate all those involved in the initiative and realization of this important and unique festival – the Culture and Arts Division of Jerusalem Municipality in collaboration with the municipality’s Youth Division. I am confident that the diverse events and the many exhibitions at the festival will present its visitors an unparalleled colorful and original experience like no other.  


Moshe Lion

Mayor of Jerusalem