About 2022 Outline Festival

 August 17 – 23, 2022

The Outline Festival is a celebration of illustration, to be held this year for the sixth time in Jerusalem. During a week of exhibitions and cultural events open to the general public, illustration takes center stage and offers a wealth of interpretations and stories. Dozens of participants take part in a week that is all about loving illustration: illustrators, animators, designers, artists, poets, musicians and storytellers. The festival will feature fourteen different exhibitions and a variety of events to be held in galleries, museums, exhibition spaces, cultural institutions and in the capital’s streets. 


This year, the festival is devoted to the theme “repetition”. This theme is reflected in the festival’s range of exhibitions and events: exhibitions that will bring you back to the past and nostalgia, while at the same time taking you straight into the future; a return to materiality as well as a return to spirituality; an exhibition that returns lost objects and an exhibition that peeks behind the scenes in the world of theater. The exhibitions will prevent different visual interpretations in architectural, literary and historical contexts, which have ties to illustration and art, animation, murals and diverse techniques which emphasize the topic.


Outline Festival is a project of Beita- Visual Art Department, the Culture and Arts Administration at the Jerusalem Municipality, in cooperation with the Jerusalem Foundation.


2022 Outline Team:


General Director: Ofira Levanon – Beita – Department of Visual Arts, Jerusalem Municipality

Art Director: Noa Kelner

Production: Ori Vaknin

Production Coordinators: Shira Vanunu and Sapir Eisenstetter

Content Editor: Ori Druckman

Social Media: Miriam Sella

Branding: Aaron Friedmann, Shift Studio

Branding Illustration: Diana Prokopatz

PR: Monocrave



Dear festival visitors and participating artists,

 The Outline Festival, which over the past few years has become an art celebration centered around a love for illustration and the written word, draws thousands of art lovers from Jerusalem and outside of the city, for the sixth time. Although illustration does not always receive the attention it deserves, and is usually dependent on the words it describes, the festival before us succeeds in making illustration and its creators the focus of attention, giving it center stage, while creating a wide range of interpretations and stories for the medium.

Hundreds of artists and content creators from a diverse spectrum of arts connected to the word, take part in a colorful festival which offers a variety of exhibitions and events in galleries, museums, exhibition spaces, art and culture institutions as well as in the city’s streets. The Outline Festival is another example of the dozens of leading festivals and cultural events held in Jerusalem each year, making it a center of attraction for hundreds of thousands of culture and art lovers throughout Israel. The cultural diversity Jerusalem offers its residents and visitors enables each individual to find their own personal connection and enjoy an artistic and creative experience of unparalleled richness.  

I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to making this event possible. I am confident that your visit at the festival will be a special experience for all, and I invite our guests from outside the city to enjoy their trip to beautiful Jerusalem, in the course of which they will undoubtedly discover aspects of the city and experiences they never knew before.      



 Moshe Lion

Mayor of Jerusalem



I can write here whatever comes to mind, and challenge readers to decide whether theybelieve what is written. Or I could repeat what others have said, or take back what I myself have said, thereby confusing the reader until they doubt the written word. Originality can be measured by the ability to avoid repeating that which has already been created by finding new words and forms to express a new idea. Is that even possible? Is there an unlimited combination of words, juxtapositions and new ideas, lines, shapes and colors that have yet to be placed on the page? 


The Outline Festival is back this year with an abundance of exhibitions, events and workshops, and it manages to surprise again. It meets the challenge.


Top writers, illustrators and creators from throughout Israel have chosen to come back to this festive, nationwide illustration week, happening here in Jerusalem. It is a celebration of art, design and spirit – which passes through the city and breathes life into it. Looking upon all of this from the side, I am filled with pride for our creators and organizers, who lift this amazing festival up with all their might, every year anew, and bring great new artwork to art lovers and to the entire public.






Hila Smoliansky

Head of Visual Arts

Culture and Art Department

Jerusalem Municipality