About 2023 Outline Festival

Outline 7—Illustration and Words in Jerusalem ׀ December-January

Illustration and words in times of war


The Municipality of Jerusalem brings illustration center stage. Against the backdrop of the war, Outline – Illustration and Words in Jerusalem has changed its format this year and will be ongoing: starting from mid-December and throughout January, dozens of individual and group exhibitions, interpretations, and stories will be presented, alongside a variety of activities and workshops in myriad spaces, internal and external, including galleries, unique structures, and public spaces. Hundreds of illustrators, animators, designers, artists, poets, and curators will present a wide range of responses fueled by a love for illustration people.


Jerusalem mayor Moshe Leon: “Outline – Illustration and Words in Jerusalem is an important and meaningful event for the city and country as a whole, and this year, it is taking place in a special format in light of the unique circumstances. Illustration is a pivotal tool for communication and expression, and it can help us process complex emotions and understand the world around us, even in these challenging times. The capital of Israel provides a platform for artworks created by illustrators from Israel and across the globe, and I encourage the city’s residents and those being hosted from the north and south to visit Outline 7’s unique events. With mutual support and the Jerusalem spirit – we will prevail!”


Noa Kelner, Artistic Director of Outline: “Illustration, as its name implies, has the ability and duty to shine far-reaching light and kindle a light in people’s hearts in times of darkness. Illustration can just as easily bring joy to a seven-year-old child and inspire a 70-year-old person. It communicates, touches, and can deal alternatively with sensitive topics, even in times of war. This year, Outline is presenting illustration that feels like it has something to offer, illustration that is trying to be expressive, strengthen, and heal. A wide variety of exhibitions and artworks were chosen this year including exhibitions that articulate deficiency, confusion, and mourning, alongside others aimed at providing comfort and support. Exhibitions created in a fractured reality that make space for a shining light.”



Outline 2023 Team:

Director: Lital Marcuse Morin

Artistic Director: Noa Kelner

Production: Ori Vaknin

Production Coordinator: Meital Izbicki

Content Editor: Gil Rouvio

Translation: Kim Weiss

Branding: Aaron Friedman, Shift Studio


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