Portrait Marathon – Nontraditional Portrait Workshop // Marina Grechanik

For me, nothing is more interesting than drawing people, and of course the most fascinating part is their faces. We are surrounded by people everywhere: talking, laughing, crying, telling us about themselves in all kinds of ways. In this workshop, we will practice drawing portraits, but not in a traditional, academic method. We will not concern ourselves with anatomy or measuring perspective – instead we will ask ourselves how we perceive reality, what is “likeness” in a portrait and how can we achieve a true, complete likeness, not just of the subject’s exterior. We will adopt a free approach to selecting methods and tools, we will “mix ourselves up”, step out of our comfort zones, and most importantly – enjoy the process!

*The workshop is suitable for all levels, both illustrators and artists who want to free up their hand and step out of their comfort zones, and beginners