The Other Side


Gilad Seliktar


Shahar Kober, Tom Goldsmit, Judith Asher, Keren Katz, Marina Grechanik and Daphna Awadish

Underpass Yitzhak Navon railway station

A tunnel, by its very nature, is a closed and demarcated space whose entire purpose is to lead those who walk in it from one side to the other. The exhibition displayed along and on both sides of the tunnel leading from the central station to Yitzhak Navon train station, introduces the question: Do visual images also have two sides? And if so, what is the relationship between them? Is the transition between the different sides of the images a shift from the inside out? From the collective to the individual? From the past to the future? Does the relationship vary from viewer to viewer or is it determined by the image’s creator?

In the Exhibition, six illustrators will take on this question. Each illustrator will present two interpretations that will make eye contact with the image opposite them. These six viewpoints – each from a different time and a different place – will sometimes complement one another, other times whisper to one another, and at times avoid one another.

The other side
Illustration: Shahar Kober