Fifteen Melodies to the Abyss


Tamar Odenheimer


Yam Matarasso, Shlomi Yosef, Shalev Ben elya, Anan Gibson, Stav Levi, Mor Galperin, Tal Kantor, Ori Goldberg and Tamar Odenheimer

Space Design

Eiv Kristal

‘New Spirit’ House (Old ‘Shaare Zedek’ Hospital) Jaffa St 161

According to a Talmudic legend, when King David dug the foundations of the Temple, he dug too deep until an abyss opened up and its waters rose and threatened to flood the world. To bring the groundwater back below the surface, David threw a note with the Tetragrammaton in the depths, and the abyss descended to 16,000 feet. But then the water was too far away, and the world was in danger of drying up. To balance destruction and construction, David stood at the mouth of the abyss and played 15 melodies for the 15,000 feet, until the water reached a height of one thousand feet.

The illustrators featured in the exhibition were invited to illustrate images that will comprise a series of Melodies to the Abyss. Illustration after illustration, they will break through the layers and delve into the chaotic depth and power of the abyss.

Illustration: סתיו לוי