Layer Cake


Tali Kayam

Co-curators and project supervisors:

Gal Ben Zeev , Tal Morse

Participating Artists:

Photographers: Gabriel Attab, Noa Begun, Shani Dahan, Yarden Gabay, Zohar Horev, Itay Mizrahi, Diana Shpreher, Shira Vanunu Illustrators: Orit Arif, Lir Bar, Michal Padalon, Rotem Teplow

'Azrieli' Gallery’s windows Ha-Nevi'im St 39

The Patt Café operated from 1922 – 1956 in the renovated Helmsley Building, where the Hadassah Academic College’s Azrieli Gallery is located. The exhibition “Layer Cake” corresponds with this nostalgic chapter in the building’s history and draws a link between the two mediums of illustration and photography. The gallery windows have been distributed between students in the culinary photography course in the Department of Photographic Communication at the Hadassah Academic College and illustrators who specialize in culinary illustration. The students selected illustrations from local children’s books and cookbooks and translated them into photographs overflowing  with color and imagination. The illustrators, in turn, translated the students’ photographs back into the illustrated medium, adding their own layer of personal interpretation, stemming from their individual style.   


Illustration: Orit Arif