Once a Tree in the Forest


Avital Wexler


Itamar Paloge “FALUJA” and Ophra Eyal

Beita Gallery 155 Jaffa St

At night, the silent wood furniture in the room remembers it used to be a tree in the forest. When you look carefully at the objects in the bedroom, they awaken from their slumber. Suddenly, a portal opens in the familiar reality, revealing the path to the forest, to a scary and captivating subconsciousness. This is a space that embodies the hidden and repressed possibilities of existence.

In the exhibition at Beita Gallery, Itamar Paloge “FALUJA” and Ophra Eyal expose the memories that once inhabited the tree, the beings hiding in its shadows that wish to come out of the thick, wild, ancient darkness and into the light and the normalcy of quotidian routine and the now. What will emerge from there to the domestic space and from it to the space of the gallery? Mythological hybrids that appear in different cultures, forgotten or familiar fairytales. The creatures and figures are given a new and updated treatment, on the line that reconciles the ancient and hidden with the contemporary and visible.

Illustration: עפרה אייל