Open Rehearsal


Avital Wexler

Participating artists:

Ayala Landow, Niv Tishbi, Yaniv Shimony, Noam Wenkert

'Beita' Gallery 155 Jaffa St

In the exhibition, various areas of life are examined as a stage: a childhood memory in Tel Aviv, relationships within the nuclear family, a couple’s fantastic bedroom, as well as a panic scene in a historic theater hall. All these serve as a set, as scenery for an occurrence in which the viewer can act. “Open rehearsal” is a concept borrowed from the world of the stage. Just a moment before the play opens officially, in its refined state, the audience has exposure to the preparations, the doubts and uncertainties, the mistakes and everything that happens “behind the scenes” in the window of time when changes can still be made. The exhibition’s audience is invited to become a stage worker or actor in a show that takes place in highly emotional territory, whether familiar or unfamiliar. Through enacting a role in someone else’s scene, the exhibition raises questions about recurring and new role playing in our personal lives.

Illustration: Niv Tishbi