Print Roll


Tali Kayam, Elika Lascar Feldman and Tal Ben Hamou

Participating artists:

Hod Adler, Michael Cohen, Oren Fischer, Lenny Gaunt, Shirel Horovitz, Judith Margolis, Annabel Zoe Paran, Michal Rejwan, Tal Sofia, Shlomit Strutti.

Azrieli' Gallery Ha-Nevi'im St 39

The exhibition Print Roll invited ten artists and designers to “develop” an image, working under a united theme: “Mark”.

Each chosen image traveled between various artistic media: from video to handmade print, and back to the digital realm by way of the unique Plotter and Risograph printers of the Dojo -a platform for experimentation, professional development and play for the residents and artists of Jerusalem, and a multidisciplinary workshop for art and design . The full image is revealed only by following each image through its various stages of evolution.

Illustration: דניאל הכהן