Vegetable Patch


Assaf Benharroch

Saidoff windows 155 Jaffa St

Over the last year, illustrator Assaf Benharroch cultivated a small vegetable patch on the kibbutz where he lives. The patch is an intimate meeting point with nature, with oneself, and in a way also with the kibbutz community. In the vegetable patch, he experiences the incessant change of the circle of life in nature: The rapid growth and abundance of vegetable plants, the change of seasons, the encounter with wildlife (that also enjoy the vegetables), the diseases, pests, and death that comes sooner or later.

The exhibition features four poems in the spirit of Haikus, describing the agricultural experience and special atmosphere in the vegetable patch. The holistic view formed in front of the viewer – poem, illustration and the relationship between them – wishes to describe this intimate and personal experience in the most complete and fullest way, on the busy street leading to Machne Yehuda Market, of all places.

Illustration: אסף בן ארוש