White Noise


Limor Yossifon Goldman and Avisar Goldman

Participating artists:

Neil Cohen, Avisar Goldman, Dima Korma, Gal Melnick

‘Hutzot- Public Art Gallery’ Jaffa st 17

In the world of construction and architecture, there is criticism of residential neighborhoods with their anonymous buildings and apartments, the kind that looks like the result of generic reproductions which fail to address the public’s differing and changing needs. On the other hand, it can be argued that replication creates security, stability, order, organization, quiet, and a sense of calm. As part of Outline Festival 2022’s focus on Jaffa Road, a group of talented illustrators selected parts of the chaotic, noisy, busy, and diverse Jaffa Road, and brought them inside the white and quiet gallery located right on street level, in an organized and repetitive pattern, turning the gallery space into a kind of continuation of the adjacent train station. They thereby arranged and organized the street’s chaos without losing its character and creativity. 

Illustration: Avisar Goldman