6 אוגוסט
כ״ח אב
Once a Tree in the Forest // Exhibition Opening 11:00-14:00 Beta Gallery

Brunch DJ set + mingling and snacks at the gallery

DJ Itamar Cohen – nighttime music for the day, deep dive along the shoreline, sounds from the Middle East, from the line between the end of the night and the beginning of the morning at the club, a calm but rewarding direction.

6 אוגוסט
כ״ח אב
Friday–Noon at the Edges exhibition 12:00 The Gallery at Jaffa 17, across from Safra Square

Music, drinks, and a sale of colorful prints fresh off the printer

8 אוגוסט
ל' אב
Urban Agriculture and Regenerative Agriculture with Assaf Benharroch and Muslala 19:00 Muslala's Porch Jaffa St 97

18:00-18:30 | Urban Agriculture Tour

18:30-19:00 | Seedball workshop

20:00 | “Screening of “ReGeneration

5 אוגוסט
כ״ז אב
Opening Event 10:00-23:00 Old ‘Shaare Zedek’ Hospital' Entrance, Jaffa St 157

2021 Outline Festival kicks off with tours, a musical performance by Rona Kenan, live illustration, a live podcast, dozens of artists, and 14 exhibition openings along Jaffa Road in the city center. 

The festival will be launched with special events alongside 14 exhibition openings.

9 אוגוסט
א' אלול
The Wolf will Live with the Lamb // Questions About the Medium of Illustration 19:00 Azerieli Gallery, 39 Haneviim Street

In the exhibition The Jerusalemite Petting Zoo, seven illustrators explored dark themes and narratives in the history of the first biblical zoo. The panel, which complements the exhibition and addresses it, will present a broad discussion about the properties of illustration as a medium that deals with complex subject matters through humor. Does illustration have to be family friendly? Can illustration present difficult moments without deciphering them with tools that pacify and gloss over the uneasy elements? Or perhaps the escapism inherent to illustration is meant to help us face such crises?

These and other questions will be discussed in the panel of illustrators featured in the exhibition and other established figures in the illustration scene.

10 אוגוסט
ב' אלול
Autobiographical Comics: Conversation 18:00 House of Uri Zvi, Jaffa 34

n the last year, comic book artist Yaniv Torem published his book “Wayfarer”, which unfolds a conversation with his father around the question of religious identity, observance, and educational issues that led him to question his choices. With the opening of the festival, comic book artist Reut Bortz published her book “Project Mom – From the Memories of a Fertility Patient” where she describes her most intimate experiences during the fertility treatments she undergone with her husband.

In an open and honest conversation, the two will talk about their complex work process: The need, alongside the apprehension, to create an exposed book, the distinctiveness of comic books and the various ways they allow the creators to recount a story, particularly a personal story, about the publishing process, and the reactions to the book, during and after its making.

10 אוגוסט
ב' אלול
Luna // Graphic novel 19:00 House of Uri Zvi, Jaffa 34

Artist and illustrator Anat Martkovich will talk about the work process and inspirations that led to Luna, a graphic novel she created in collaboration with artist and designer Haithem Haddad, self-published with the support of the Lottery Council for Culture and Arts.

Luna follows two days in a family’s life, and revolves around a dramatic event that derails it. The story unfolds in a non-linear and fantastic way, presenting the impossible routine of violence, at home and outside. The book consists of rich black-and-white illustration, with the little text that accompanies the scenes alternating between different languages and means of communication.

10 אוגוסט
ב' אלול
Working On It 20:00 House of Uri Zvi, Jaffa 34

The smasher. The clipper. The cutter. The harvester. These are just some of the figures we will meet in an evening dedicated entirely to the most surprising artisans and craftspeople around. We will embark on a journey that begins with the work on the Temple 3000 years ago, continues with the labors that we are asked not to do on the Shabbat, and ends with a conversation with the artists participating in the exhibition Craftsmen on the Streets. The exhibition, which offers a new visual take on the work sphere, is displayed at the light rail stations in Jerusalem – the neural network of those who rush to their daily work.

After a day at work, come for an evening with the illustrators who brought the artisans to the street and designer and curator Dov Abramson, drink a cold beer and get to know the professions you won’t find on LinkedIn.

10 אוגוסט
ב' אלול
Misdeeds Comics // Zoom talk 20:30 ZOOM

There are so many great comic artists in Israel – what would happen if we created one place where they can all create? This is one of the main questions that was on our mind when we decided to edit and publish Israeli comics anthologies. Two years later, we have almost completed the second volume in the anthologies series Misdeeds by Gnat Micropress.

We will talk about the book editing process, the struggles, deadlines, and what it is like to organize a group of 40 talented artists into one book. We will offer a unique glimpse at the new anthology, talk about the work process, how we distribute around the world, and why we even decided to do all of this.

The talk will feature illustrators and comic artists Hila Noam and Omer Hoffmann (The Boy Who Mailed His Family), editors of the Israeli comic anthologies.

11 אוגוסט
ג' אלול
Behind the scenes of the Illustration Library 16:00 + 17:30 illustration library, israel museum

Illustrator Michal Bonano and illustration curator Orna Granot share a love for illustrated children’s books. For years, they have been planning to meet and spend a day in the museum’s rare books storeroom and illustration archive in the basement of the Youth Wing – rifle through drawers and discover treasures, carefully flip through illustrated books from the 19th century and reunite with illustrated childhood heroes of beloved classics.

This year it might just happen… you are invited to come along on a shared personal journey of wandering and browsing behind the scenes of the Israel Museum illustration library.

11 אוגוסט
ג' אלול
Danny Kerman Talks about Avner Katz 19:30 Israeli Art Hall, Israel Museum

Exhibition curator Orna Granot hosts illustrator Danny Kerman for a special talk in the exhibition “I Have Already Been”. In the conversation, Danny will talk about his friend Avner Katz from a personal and artistic point of view.

Avner Katz’s (2020-1939) work stood firm on three pillars: illustration, painting, and writing. Each of the three built and strengthened each other and contributed to the rich wealth of his works, which had a distinct recognizable line.

The exhibition features three groups of self-portraits he created, each with a varying balance between text and image. Looking at them together enriches his figure as a person and as a unique artist: a writer who paints images and a painter who writes metaphors.

12 אוגוסט
ד' אלול
Back to school // Outline Festival Closing Event 20:00 House of Uri Zvi, Jaffa 34

Participants in the exhibition To No Extent and Place for Poetry will read some poems from the happy school days and talk about the process of creating the illustrations and poems featured in the exhibition displayed in the city streets. The school bell will ring in honor of teacher and artist Yuval Mendelssohn

Yuval Mendelssohn is an artist, musician and civics teacher. The show will feature songs from all eras, hits and new music, stories and more. Guitar: Raanan Fogel.

Participation is free, however, the number of participants is limited