Collage and Readymade Workshop

Anat Warshavsky

Thursday | 11.8 | 18:00 |

In the workshop we will create visual images using collage. We will use paper and cardboards to create handmade textures in different techniques. We will play with shapes, colors, and textures and allow the technique of collage to free the need for careful and rational planning. We will explore various compositions on a fixed format and create a series of images that complement one another and create a visual story that can be figurative, abstract, or anything in-between. 

Anat Warshavsky illustrates, designs, collects, cuts, pastes, collates, and paints. She loves to juxtapose materials and shapes and create stories and images. She is a children’s books illustrator, and creates illustrations for magazines and newspapers, animation, branding and more. In 2020, she received the Israel Museum Children’s Book Illustration Award.

Cross-Etching Workshop

Ophra Eyal

Wednesday | 10.8 | 18:00 |
Beita, Jaffa 155

Workshop following Ophra Eyal’s panorama The World Behind the World

In the workshop we will meet the mindset, themes, and stylistic ideas that originated the work on view at Beita Gallery as part of Outline Festival.

We will learn the principles of working with a black line – from line to shape using the method of cross-etching.

Painting one leaf is the first step in a journey to the great forest.

Required equipment: sharpened pencil, eraser, black pen

Mobiles Workshop for Children

Jenny Meilihove

Tuesday | 9.8 | 16:00 |
Beita, Jaffa 155

Mobile is essentially a painting that is always in motion.

We will make mobiles using various materials and techniques: paper, masking tape, pompoms, threads and paint.

Jenny Meilihove is a children’s book illustrator who graduated from Bezalel Visual Communication Department’s illustration track.  She illustrated several children’s books in Israel and abroad, as well as games for children, illustrations for the theater and more. She recently published her first book as a writer and illustrator, Luna’s Cloud Machine. She loves to draw, explore and invent.

Digital Illustration

Alon Braier

Wednesday | 10.8 | 18:00 |

Practical vector illustration workshop (Illustrator) 

From simple geometric elements to the finished illustration, the transition from free hand drawing to vector, and smart and free work with color, shape and textures.

In the workshop, we will learn how to make vector illustration look a bit more human and discover many hacks, tricks, and hidden tools in the software. The workshop is for illustrators and designers that have at least basic familiarity with Illustrator and wish to expand their skill set. 

Alon Braier is an illustrator and plants aficionado. Lecturer in Bezalel Department of Visual Communication. Works in different techniques that walk the line between digital and handmade. Has worked with a range of commercial companies including Google, Fiverr, and Facebook.

Colored Pencil Workshop

Hilla Spitzer

Monday | 8.8 | 18:30 |

In the workshop we will learn to work with colored pencils in layers and understand the possibilities they offer.

Hilla Spitzer is an artist and teacher, recipient of the Ministry of Culture Young Artist Prize (2018) and a print catalog grant from the Lottery Council (2017). Her works have been featured in Ashdod Museum, HaNegev Museum, Rosenfeld Gallery, P8 Gallery, Fresh Paint Art Fair, Binyamin Gallery, Herman Struck Museum, Barbur Gallery, Beita Gallery, Ben Gurion University Gallery, Givat Haim Ihud Gallery, Minshar Gallery, Ilana Gur Museum and more. Her works are kept in private and public collections in Israel and worldwide.

Cliché Squared // A Taste of the World of Comics

Ron Levin

Tuesday | 9.8 | 19:00 |

“This is more than an office, it’s a family”, “you can’t have your cake and eat it too,” “it is not the heat, it’s the humidity!” Some sayings can drive us crazy and it’s time we got back at them!

In Cliché Squared we will create a short comic based on a cliché. In a brief introduction we will get to know the format we’ll use for our comics: four equal squares. We will see examples of comic artists who specialize in this grid, why they use it and its strengths. We will discuss clichés, why they are so suitable to this format, and what about them is so maddening. 

Participants can bring sayings they have heard throughout their lives, or, if they prefer – pick one from a collection of sayings. In the workshop, we will create a short narrative that takes the hackneyed saying and breaks it down. We will work on creating and subverting expectation, while focusing on conciseness, the element of surprise and humor.

Ron Levin is an illustrator, comic book artist, and independent animator who graduated from Shenkar. Children’s books, magazines, and branding illustrator and comics workshops teacher.

Digital Illustration // Stamps Workshop

Assaf Benharroch

Tuesday | 9.8 | 16:00 |

Illustration with scanned textures in Photoshop

Working with scanned marks and materials to create brushes and textures that will be used raw (as is) in Photoshop. 

Technical requirements and materials: 

Basic familiarity with Photoshop

In the workshop, you will hand make marks and textures using any technique at your disposal.

You’ll need the most basic materials – paper (preferably smooth and untextured), dark paint of some sort (e.g., acrylic, ink, charcoal, oil pastels…), and scissors (optional).

The texture or marks can be scanned with a scanner (preferable, if available) or photographed with a smartphone. 

Assaf Benharroch is an illustrator and animator, partner in Studio Poink – Creative Animation, lecturer for digital illustration at Shenkar

Please note! The workshop is for participants who have at least basic familiarity with Photoshop – you do not have to be a professional illustrator but the workshop will not touch on basic tools.