To No Extent

To No Extent

School. Anecdotes, sounds, smells, colors, relationships, people – an entire world etched in one’s memory. The global Covid-19 pandemic abruptly interrupted the routine of everyday life and generated a different reality. This year, for a brief moment the bulletin boards on the streets of Jerusalem will turn into the familiar classroom blackboard, displaying the Jerusalem Illustrators’ Exhibition at the 2021 Outline festival. The exhibition focuses on the school experience and draws inspiration from the poems in “To No Extent: Anthology of School Poetry” published by ״Poetry Place״. The Exhibition is displayed on 16 municipal bulletin boards along Jaffa st. and the streets of the city center of Jerusalem.

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Illustration: עמשא מנחם
Municipal bulletin boards along Jaffa st. and the city center of Jerusalem
Opening Hours: Public Space - Open 24/7

Rinat Gilboa


Aaron Friedmann, Elad Lifshitz, Yuval Faerman, Yaniv Torem, Lily Ryu, Michel Kichka, Noa Kelner, Noam Nadav, Naama Lahav, Sergey Isakov, Ofer Getz, Amasa Menachem, Roy Margaliyot, Shimon Engel, Tamar Lev and Tiferet Sigala

Exhibition Design

Rachel Columbus