Pollack Art (Layers in Time)


Noa Lea Cohn

Participating artists:

Gadi Pollack, Sofi Agres, Ruth Beifus, Shlomit Weiner, Osnat Lev, Noaa Levy, Nechama Leibler Yehudit Davidovich, Avigail Cohen, Tzippora Nussbaum, Ester Genut, Ruth Kampinsky, Emuna Shatz

'Art Shelter' Galley Yehuda HaMaccabi St 7

Gadi Pollack was a pioneer of ultra-Orthodox illustration and comics. In 1993 he immigrated to Israel from Russia, discovered Judaism and adopted a devout lifestyle.


The blossoming of ultra-Orthodox illustration goes hand in hand with the success of Pollack, who has a repertoire of over 50 illustrated books which became best sellers in different languages: Hebrew, English, Russian, Yiddish and more. In a rich, realistic style that contains layers of interpretation as well as a cryptic dimension, Pollack integrates as his tools quotations from the art world alongside Jewish content, thereby changing the rules of the game of illustration in his sector. Pollack wisely passed on his legacy in a unique school he opened in Kiryat Sefer (Modi’in Ilit), called “Course in Academic Drawing of the Artist Gadi Pollack”.  For the first time, this exhibition brings together artists who were his students, as an homage to the master who opened the world of drawing up to them, within the world of tradition. 

Illustration: Gadi Pollack